Tech Or Get Off The Pot

by POPSIE 1956

I believe I really pi**ed off a co worker in the News Room the other day.

Doesn’t bother me, just stating a fact.

I’ll call him Seasoned News Guy (SNG), after all, I do have to protect my sources…

A bit of background, over the last few weeks, we have FINALLY gotten new computers for the News Room.

You know there’s a problem when, in 2014, the monitors are the big old clunky kind, and everyone still HAS to use AOL.

Anyway, with these old monitors, as some people do, many were propped up with phone books.

So one of the Engineers comes in the News Room, and asks to no one in particular, “Where are all the phone books?”

Being the wise a** I am, I reply, “They’ve been donated to the New York State Museum.”

Silence and a nasty cold front grew around SNG…

Then he snorted something like..”Phone books are still VERY valuable!”




(That was a WWE shout out, if you don’t get it, no harm no foul, please move on.)

Now, I like and VERY MUCH respect SNG, we call him “The Gold Standard,” a role model all Broadcast News People should look to for inspiration.

But come ON, this is 2014…when was the last time you HAD to use a physical, paper based telephone book?

The Internet being down does not count.

As much as many people, in my generation and older, try to resist, the world has changed, IS changing, and will CONTINUE to change.

Adapt or die.

We don’t have just three TV channels anymore;

We don’t have telephones with cords anymore;

We’re lucky (if that’s the word) we still have stamps!

I consider myself fortunate, that at 58, I think I’m doing pretty good for myself in keeping up…somewhat…with technology.

In my business, in 2014, without the use and understanding of technology, we’re pretty much dead in the water.


One of the duties I have to do each day is provide News Reports to other stations in our chain.

That means while I’m in Albany, NY, I record newscasts for stations in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

From my Home Base in Albany.

I’ve also done newscasts for stations in New York City.

From my Home Base in Albany.

After I record the report, it’s transmitted to the operating system at these stations; it can take sometimes up to 10 minutes, but (most times) it gets there.

All those stations DO look impressive on my resume, I have to admit.

So yesterday, we hear from the Program Director at one of our stations, there’s a problem on their end getting the reports from us.

Not to worry, while I’m recording the report, at the same time I can record a separate audio file, and e-mail an MP3 along with the usual transmission.

That’s what we did till the problem cleared up, after that, business as usual.

Here’s a not so secret secret about my business also;

Those “Disc Jockeys” you hear on your favorite music station?  Many times those shows are recorded, and by people who have NEVER stepped foot in your favorite station in their life!

Can you tell?

Then they are doing their job.

They don’t call it smoke and mirrors for nothing

So I say this to everyone, old and young, who are STILL haunted and scared of the wonders of technology…

Get over it, accept it and embrace it, or please go away.

The Home will take you now.

But before you do, just try to play ONE game of Candy Crush….you’ll never be the same again.