Toy Guns BAD…Toy Swords GOOD?

by POPSIE 1956

In my (going on) sixty years of life, I think I have learned a great deal, and changed a lot of misconceived ideas from my past about many things in life.

Not everything I was taught by my parents since 1956 is valid today, and that’s OK.

The world is different, and I am different.

But as much as I try, I can never be politically correct.

I can never be extra sensitive.

I can never just accept.

In truth, many things in life just piss me off.

Case in point, and it’s something very innocent; shopping for Halloween costumes with my grand kids.

Took Chris and Zach to Party City over the weekend, the obtaining of the Halloween costume is an annual tradition.

In fact, I love Halloween, but it’s been ruined in many ways since I was a boy.

Due to the glut of a**holes in the world, families must worry about EVERY treat the kids get.

Some communities (out of need) don’t even HAVE Halloween.

And really…healthy snacks instead of Tootsie Rolls?

Those kids with nut allergies, or who are diabetic, or who just can’t deal with the effects of a lot of sugar get a pass here, it’s not their fault.

And what about older kids, and in this case I mean many teenagers I’ve seen in my neighborhood ( some of whom are hairier than the Duck Dynasty guys), who don’t even TRY to have a costume (or maybe it’s just a baseball hat), holding out a bag waiting for freebies.

Look, Junior, you want free food from me, just use the food stamps that I’m paying for, no government cheese at Mike’s place.

OK, back to costumes.

So Chris chose to be a Ninja, in fact, his costume is very cool, he added a long (plastic) sword to go along with the image.

Zach wanted to be a policeman, his costume included a hat, shirt, pants, badge, walkie talkie, and a belt with a holster where a gun would go…

Something was missing…..

Oh yeah, a gun…

For someone wanting to be a policeman.

I can feel you getting uncomfortable now…

Hold that thought…

I go to the accessory aisle to see what they have.

Hand cuffs, whistles, billy clubs (yeah I should say night sticks, but I still use the word paddy wagon too, so sue me)..

The billy club looks good, it’s plastic, very soft, and very inexpensive.

Still no gun.


I get it on the gun thing…overall.

But hear me out.



(Actually, I’d love to see a plastic taser for the costume if you’re going to be authentic but that’s besides the point.)

It’s not like they aren’t available (CLICK THEN COME BACK);

And you think I’m kidding about toy tasers (CLICK THEN COME BACK)?


So why not have a fake gun for a costume representing a real authority figure?

On the Military costumes it’s OK (CLICK THEN COME BACK).


Let’s go back to the Ninja costume Chris picked out, they have lots of accessories besides just swords (CLICK THEN COME BACK).


I am not looking for or asking for an answer.

I know there isn’t an answer.

I also know you may disagree with my opinion on this, and that’s fine.

I STRONGLY encourage discussion on this topic, this is simply one person’s view.

Sadly, because it’s our kids (or grand kids), we have to be overly cautious.

Finally, while there are a great number of responsible parents/grand parents who go above and beyond teaching the kids/grand kids about right and wrong, between real and not real, between a weapon and a toy, and I salute you all, there are also many pieces of trash who can only call themselves a parent/grand parent due to biology.

It’s trash like these idiots that makes the world a scary place to live in.

The Good Guys will win in the end.

The Good Guys will ALWAYS win in the end.

But that doesn’t mean the world isn’t still bat sh*t crazy.