The Best Hundred Bucks I Ever Spent!

by POPSIE 1956


I truly love my daughter Megan, but at the same time I love to screw with her head.

With that in mind, and looking at the picture above you’ll see where I’m going, I made a bet with her.


Some background, Megan hates clowns;


Friendly clowns;


Cartoon clowns;


Wrestling clowns, it just doesn’t matter, they all scare the crap out of her.


That brings us back to the bet, there’s a number of TV shows we both like to watch, including “American Horror Story”. This year, the theme is “Freak Show.”


I knew, as much as Meg loved the show, with one of the freaks being a clown, and a very evil clown to boot, she may pass on this season.


So I offered her a challenge; watch every episode with me, I’ll give her 100 dollars as a “reward.”


She said “That’s the one with the f**king clown in it?”


Well she debated in her mind, but since she could use the hundred bucks (and I could use a good laugh) she said OK.

Evil Clown

I’m not trying to freak her out on purpose, I consider it a gift from a loving father..she’s going to be 30 soon and needs to conquer her fears head on like the adult she is, after all, I’m not going to be here forever, you know.


Yeah, I’m full of sh*t and I know it, ya caught me, I just wanted to watch a grown woman pee her pants.


I was speaking on the phone with Meg the other night, she tells me she WATCHED the first episode, ALL BY HERSELF!


To tell you the truth, I thought she was bullsh*tting me, but she did tell me some of the key plots points in the episode, so while she could have gone online to research it, I believe her, BUT, as brave as I think she is for doing so, she won’t make the hundred bucks THAT way, so I told her “IF YOU WANT THE MONEY DON’T WATCH ANY MORE WITHOUT ME!”


Now we just have to work out the PRIME TIME ON DEMAND SCHEDULE as soon as we can, if I’m lucky we’ll watch two episodes in a row, double the clowns, double the fun…


Happy Halloween