by POPSIE 1956


I’m sure you’ve seen the web page, or at least heard of it, or seen pictures of the “special” folks highlighted on “peopleofwalmart.com; (click here then come back)

People of Wal Mart

I’d like to put a word in for some special folks who are EMPLOYED at Wal Mart too.

Before I proceed, if you, a friend, or loved one happens to work at a Wal Mart, and you can read these words, odds are, this story doesn’t pertain to you.

I have to be a bit vague in telling part of this story, as it pertains to the grandkids, and if I get too specific, odds are, if one of them happens to read this, they may learn something they are not to learn about until Christmas..

But the story is so bizarre I have to share.

OK, generic time; one of my grandsons has been asking for a particular outdoor item to play with, it’s not used in winter, and is actually quite expensive.

Over the last year and a half, a combination of Santa, the Tooth Fairy, Mom and Dad, and Donnie and Popsie haven’t come through in the clutch, it’s just been out of everyone’s financial reach.

This year however, we found the item for a very reasonable price from Wal Mart, so we ordered it, so the grandchild would be happy for Christmas.

Four days ago, as of this writing, I got an e-mail saying the item had arrived at our local Wal Mart, just print out the e-mail and come get it.

Minor problem; this item required assembling, and an Avenger I ain’t (Geek Boy Shout Out).

So I call Wal Mart first thing in the morning, asking if they can assemble said item.

Sally May in Customer Service says yes, in fact she saw said item just that morning, but asked me to call back later when a manager was in, sure I said.

So later that day I call and speak with Willie Bob, yes, they can assemble, give them a couple days, fantastic, so I give Willie Bob my cell phone number (remember this), and now I’m pumped that it will be a wonderful Christmas for this particular grandson.

THE VERY NEXT DAY, I get a call on my cell from Handy Andy Barney, they guy who assembles, telling me the item is finished, come on down, and when you do, tell the staff the item is in the ‘assembled area,” they know where that is.

(Remember this too)

Last night (as of this writing), I go to Wal Mart after work, head to the back where you pick up order items, hand the printed out e-mail to Pearlie Fay, who looks it up, and with a confused look on her face goes to the back room.

Pearlie Fay comes out less than five minutes later and says sorry, it’s not in yet.


Pearlie Fay says she looks and looked and looked but it’s just not there.

In a calm (for me) voice, I tell Pearlie Fay the entire story, ending with the words “It’s here, look again.”

Pearlie Fay decides to look for a manager.

As she goes looking, her co worker Brenda Ray comes over, asks if I’m being taken care of; I say yes and Brenda Ray walks away, IGNORING the lovely woman behind me waiting to pick up an item.

A few minutes later, Pearlie Fay comes back, this time with Assistant Manager Otis Joe, and without even talking to me, they head to the back room again.

About five minutes later, Pearlie Fay and Otis Joe return, Otis Joe says it’s not here, the e-mail is just saying the order is processed, and Wal Mart does not call customers asking if they want items assembled.

And he said so with a straight face.

Well Otis Joe, I say, you’re full of sh*t, and so is Pearlie Fay. For one, the e-mail CLEARLY says the item is IN HOUSE AND COME PICK IT UP, and for another, how could Handy Andy Barney call my cell phone, which I only gave to Willie Bob the day I got the e-mail saying the item was IN HOUSE AND COME PICK IT UP?

Otis Joe looked at me like I just asked him for the exact number of Pi.

To appease me, Otis Joe takes off to another area of the store, but he’s not too optimistic on his chances.

Meanwhile, the light bulb goes off in my head, I whip out the cell phone and look at “Calls Received,” sure enough, a number from the day Handy Andy Barney called me….taking a chance..I call back, AND GET HANDY ANDY BARNEY!

As I’m talking to him, here comes Otis Joe with a sad look on his face, I stop him, hand him the phone, and say “Say hello to my little friend..Handy Andy Barney.”

Otis Joe speaks with Handy Andy Barney, hands me back the phone, and in two minutes comes back out, with the item…FULLY ASSEMBLED!

He is apologizing up and down, and I accept it, but I have to poke the bear a bit.

Otis Joe, I’ve been in management for nearly 30 years, I knew the hoops I’d have to go through, that’s why I had EVERYTHING detailed before I stepped one foot in this store, next time, believe your customers when they tell you something, chances are, they may be right…but then again, isn’t the customer always right?

And to Pearly Fay I just stare for a moment, and say “And you’re why people make fun of Wal Mart.”

Harsh yes, but I was in a venting mood.

In the end, a child’s wish will come true.

That’s what I live for.