The Half Time Show

by POPSIE 1956

Like most of America, I was watching the Super Bowl the other night, including the Half Time Show featuring Katy Perry, who, while I’m not a big fan of, will admit is very popular and (up for debate) very talented.

As a long time Top 40 DJ, I appreciate a great “hook” to a song, and Katy has the ability to sell that hook quite nicely, as reflected in a good number of her hit songs.

I also know Katy Perry is, besides a hit maker, a “visual” artist.

So when it was announced she would be the Half Time entertainment this year, I had a pretty good idea what to expect.

I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but I knew what to expect.

The…problem..started for me with the special effects, which, while I thought were fantastic, seemed overdone, especially the one where the field started to move up and down; a neat trick for a TV audience, but for the people in the stadium, I might have felt a bit..cheated if I was sitting there watching.

Early on in the performance, I posted the following on my Facebook page;

“I realize I’m hitting Old Fart status, but what the f#ck is this Half time Show?”

Based on a few responses, you would have thought I said “F**k America!”

The general feeling of some of the responders was that (1) Mike was ready for the home; (2) it’s 2015, (3) accept it or move out of the way.

Now, I will be the first to admit things have changed for me as I have gotten older, especially in the last few years.

That’s even more true because of my current occupation.

Up until four years ago, as a “Music Radio” guy, it was required I know everything and anything about what’s popular, music wise, in all formats.

After all, the “Soft Rock” station of today could be the “Punk Country” station of tomorrow, and if I wanted to be ready for a new format, I knew I had to be prepared.

But four years ago, I became “News Radio Boy,” which meant I didn’t have to worry about a “Pop Quiz” the next day.

Additionally, for the bulk of the 40 years of my Broadcasting career, I just can’t listen to the radio for enjoyment and entertainment.

I was always listening to (A) my station (B) my competition (C) a chance to hear someone f**k up.

I trained myself so well at this, the scan button on the car radio got replaced on a frequent basis, and a radio station (mine included) was lucky if I made it through one song or newscast, let alone the entire ride.

So when it comes to current music, sadly I am WAY out of touch, compared to a few years ago.

That does NOT mean, however, I’m unaware of hot songs, and even hotter hooks.

I might not be able to tell you who does a particular song like I once did, but if America loves it, I know about it.

Notice, also, I am not going to get into the “In my day, the music was better” argument.

Every generation of music has great songs, and great artists, and crappy songs and crappy artists.

What’s Bruno Mars to you may be Justin Bieber to me, and vice versa, and that’s OK.

To be honest, NOT having to keep up on current music trends has become a breath of fresh air to me.

NOW, if I want to experiment on listening to music I’ve never heard of before, or heard of but never paid attention to before, I can, and in many cases can ENJOY it more than ever!

So, just because I didn’t really care for what Katy Perry did in the Half Time Show, that has no reflection on whether I’m behind the times or not.

As I’ve said many times, the body may be old, but the mind is still 13 years old.

Six years old if you count my love of fart jokes.

And I plan on keeping it that way all the way to the box.