Causing A Commotion

by POPSIE 1956

Call this the “Bizarro World” view of things, based on my last blog about Katy Perry.

It’s actually something I wrote about a few years back when the Beach Boys had their 50th Anniversary Tour.

I’m talking about this past Grammy Awards show, and to be specific, the performance from “older” artists, primarily Madonna.

For the record, I have the greatest respect for her. She broke/breaks barriers, lived/lives by her rules, and didn’t/doesn’t give a crap what anyone else thought/thinks.

Major props to her; she was ahead of her time, and has more than earned her place in music history.

However, everyone, in the entertainment business or not, must continue to grow and not live in the past.

Or you become a caricature of yourself.

I’ll use myself and my own career as an example.

At one point in my Broadcasting career, I was a wacky, goofy, not too serious Top 40 DJ.

I felt at the top of my game, had a blast at my job, and from what I understand, was enjoyed by a lot of people, many of whom still remember the crazy sh*t I did almost 30 years ago.

But as much as I enjoyed doing that back then, that type of radio personality just isn’t popular and/or welcome in 2015.

Could I still do it and still have fun? Absolutely!

Could lightning strike twice? Sorry, no.

Would I evoke some sympathy from those who “knew me when?” Perhaps, and I would absolutely HATE that!

That’s also why I do News today, AND, my on air cred has increased a hundred times over.

There’s just something a bit creepy about someone who used to call himself “The Crier Of Desire” still doing so on the cusp of 60.

Without naming names, I know of quite a few people in my business who never changed their style, and/or still tried to be “that guy.”

By and large, by not adapting to the business of today, they are no longer in the business.

Change or die.

Before I go back to Madonna, I’ll reference back to my posting about the Beach Boys.

70 year old men should not be allowed to sing “Surfer Girl” or “Be True To Your School.”

And face it, we ALL change, Botox or Viagra not withstanding, there’s a point where you just can’t perform like you once did.

I absolutely LOVE the Beach Boys, but PLEASE, don’t ruin my memories of you, no matter how much money you’ll make.

You can insert ANY performer, and not just musicians; actors, broadcasters, etc, even sports legends with this same argument.

Now, IF said performer adapts with the times, AND acknowledges they are…different …than they once were, then full steam ahead.

And for that I must credit Paul McCartney.

Yeah, he’s 70 something, he’s not a mop top anymore, but he is ALWAYS reinventing himself.

Look at his performance the other night with that Kanye fellow, or before that working with members of Nirvana, or his Standards album, or his symphonic work etc.

McCartney still does Beatle songs, but he has SO much more in him than just that.

I tip my hat to him.

Now, let’s talk about Madge.

I just felt there was so much…wrong isn’t the word…let’s say…not right..about her performance Sunday night.

And while I probably could, I will hold back on comments about her…costume.

I truly felt pretty sad, This was a parody of Madonna, and a bad parody at that.

I’ve seen Madonna impersonators who did better.

I wasn’t impressed by her limited dance moves (especially when compared to her Glory Days), and by the end of the song she seemed to be gasping for air.

THIS is the woman who at one point early on told Dick Clark she wanted to rule the world?

I’m kinda glad Dick isn’t around to see this.

For those watching that night who are a bit younger and barely know who Madonna is, this was not a good impression to leave with them.

For those who watched her career from the start, it was quite painful, and a bit sad, to see.

I love nostalgia, but sometimes the past just needs to stay in the past.

Thirty years ago, no one, not even Madonna, could have predicted how disturbing that performance would be.

One thing is sure.

Thirty years from now, Kanye West will still be an idiot.