Facebook Scam Fail!

by POPSIE 1956

Obviously there are bad people everywhere, especially online.

One has to be careful all the time, and unfortunately be suspicious of everything…and everyone.

Happened to me this morning on Facebook, and because I’m inquisitive, because I’m questioning everything, and frankly, because I’m an a**hole, they didn’t get me this time.

Here’s what happened, and don’t let this happen to you.

I get a Friend Request from one of my former Broadcasting Instructors from college (to my fellow alums, the TV Guy), a great guy who is, let’s just say up in years, and not as active on Facebook as most others.

I found it odd, since I have been Facebook friends with him for about 5 years.

However, I know of a few folks who have been on Facebook before and then discontinued, so without checking, I think that’s the case and accept the request.

I do so for two other reasons; (1) There is a picture of this guy on the “new” Facebook page and (2) I see among his friends are two guys I know from the Radio/TV Department at school, both of whom are also my Facebook friends.

I then go on to other things, and about fifteen minutes later, I see this man has messaged me, with a simple “Hi.”

No “Hi Mike,” or words to that effect, didn’t seem personal, the Spidey Sense kicked in.

OK, I’ll play, “Hi (his name), how are you?”

A couple very brief pleasantries, and I’m finding it odd he’s not asking me about my current job in the field, at minimum.

Then, and I can’t remember exactly how he put it, but he goes on about how he’s all excited about something, mentioning Mark Zuckerberg, and a Facebook page worth something like 300 thousand dollars…

I smell a rat.

On a hunch, I ignore what he says and write “Pardon me, how do we know each other?”
If he mentioned the school, the Radio/TV Department, the fact I’m from Upstate NY etc, things even after 40 years he would remember, then it was the actual guy.

Instead, he goes back to the Zuckerberg thing.

The rat got smellier.

So I call him out with “Pardon me ‘(his name)’, you still didn’t answer my question.”

Boom goes the dynamite!

No reply.

I go to his “new” page, and it’s been removed.

You’re busted Pally.

As a precaution, I message the two mutual friends mentioned above, telling them what happened.

I also messaged the man HIMSELF on his ACTUAL Facebook page, informing him what happened, and told him he should change his password to avoid this again.

I finish by posting the tale on MY Facebook page, letting my former classmates know so they won’t get skunked.

In the end, no harm, no foul, but it’s an example of how, if you’re not careful, you can be taken to the cleaners.

So, going forward, should you get a Facebook request from me, especially if we ARE Facebook friends but haven’t kept in touch for a while, don’t assume it’s me.

There’s only one me.

And some people will say that’s one too many.