by POPSIE 1956

For the record, let’s just say this is a hypothetical situation.

If you are the father of a child, of two children, of 20 children, and you do the right thing, I salute you.

And, as I have said on numerous occasions, even if you are not the biological father of said children, and you still do the right thing, I salute you just as much.

I will admit that there are non biological fathers of children who don’t do the right thing. You’re making a big mistake and are missing out on the greatest years of your, and their, lives.

However, again, hypothetically, let’s address those pieces of work who are biological fathers and also don’t do the right thing.

Let’s call this a form of therapy…


This will be short and sweet.

Let’s say you “knock one out of the park” and plant your seed, so to speak.

About nine months later, your child arrives.

From that moment on, you are a responsible father.

From that moment on, nothing else matters.

From that moment on, the only thing that matters (next to the woman whose seed you planted in) is the child.

Anything short of that, you are a bottom feeder who should not be allowed to breathe oxygen.

If, for whatever reason, the relationship with the woman whose seed you planted in doesn’t work out, that means you still are responsible in every way for the welfare of that child.

That means you are with them for every step of their journey into adulthood.

Every soccer game.

Every basketball game.

Every school event.

That also means you also must share the financial cost for the child with the woman whose seed you planted into.

Like health insurance.



Basics of life.

You spend on them and before you do so for yourself…or anyone else.

Do you do that tough guy?



Oh, you don’t?

You’re a dumb f*ck.

You’ve always been a dumb f*ck.

You’ll always be a dumb f*ck.

The child will remember.

The child will outlive you.

You’ll need the child one day.

How you treat the child is how they will treat you.

And I hope I live long enough to see it.