It Just Doesn’t Add Up!

by POPSIE 1956


If I’m being truthful, the ACTUAL title of this should be “Wal Mart Blows.”

Or “I’m Too Old For This Sh*t.”

When in reality, all I’m trying to do is help my grandsons get ready for school.

To set the record straight, please refer to my previous blog about school supplies.http://

So shopping for Chris and Zach has over gone very well.  We were down to just two items; a four pack of pencil pouches, and, as you can see in the picture, a Texas Instruments TI-34 Multi View Calculator.

Since, in general, we hate people, the preferred mode of shopping is online, thus the order was placed on; we got verification e-mails (e-mails?) that the items, ordered as one, were being shipped individually.

Confirmation came in the items were at the local Wal Mart, so this past Saturday (this is being written on a Wednesday, one week till the boys are back in school), I stop in to get the items.

The pouches they had.

They had NO record of the calculator.

The gentleman who helped me, who looked like he was Sam Walton’s dad, swore up and down they have nothing in their files about the calculator.

Head home, and the next day contact Fed Ex. They tell us that yes, TWO items were shipped AND two items were SIGNED FOR by an employee at the Wal Mart I just visited, they even provided the times the items were checked in AND the name of the employee who checked them in.

Great, so Monday after work, back to Wal Mart. After standing in line for over thirty minutes waiting for someone to wait on me, I just go into the stock room in the back and start yelling something about a disgruntled customer.

It’s amazing these days how fast people react when they hear the word disgruntled.

Yeah, shouldn’t have used THAT word, but I shouldn’t have had to wait THAT long.

Out comes a lovely woman, an Assistant Manager, who, to her credit, spends OVER AN HOUR WITH ME trying to get to the bottom of the problem.

Yes, she knows the employee who signed in the item…or items…there’s still a question on that one.

Yes, the calculator SHOULD be there, but after a detective search that would make Batman proud, she says she’ll call the people at and get an answer

Thirty minutes later she returns with an answer… shipped a package with the calculator to the local store,,,,,but forgot to PUT THE CALCULATOR IN THE PACKAGE!

So the local employee who checked in the package (A) checked in AN EMPTY PACKAGE and (B) DIDN’T OPEN THE PACKAGE TO VERIFY THERE WAS SOMETHING IN THE PACKAGE!

She tells me not to worry, the charge is taken off my card, and she’ll just get the same calculator on display in the store.

Ten minutes later, she comes back to say this particular store does NOT carry the calculator I need.

She tells me not to worry, she will call the next closest store and see what they have.

She really was going above and beyond.

BTW, during all of this time that she was away, nearly EVERY EMPLOYEE IN THE STORE came up to me and asked if I needed assistance.

I assured them I was being helped.

Where were all of these people (including the Manager), in the thirty minutes I was pushing the silly little I Need Help Button?

They all must of seen me and thought I looked disgruntled.

Hey, any port in a storm.

Fifteen minutes later, after fighting Phone Menu Hell, she returns and says Hooray, she was told the next closest store had a…direct quote here…boat load of them.

Excellent! However, now I’m tired and hungry, I will go to the other store tomorrow after work,

The next day comes; I leave work and head to the other store, getting stuck in a MAJOR traffic jam for OVER THIRTY MINUTES (and really needing to pee, sorry, TMI) due to road construction.

Was I expecting success?

Of course not, I never do, so if success arrives, it’s a bonus.

I go right to the Electronics Department where I was told the boat load was. The less than friendly clerk (if Sam Walton was alive he wouldn’t be too happy) grunted something about trying Stationary or the Back To School Section.

OK, Stationary…lots of calculators, various brand names, many Texas Instruments ones too…but not the one I need.

I think I’m gonna need a bigger boat load.

The Back To School Section…bigger selection…HEY LOOK, a Texas Instruments Calculator for the price I was quoted…oh wait, it’s a T-36 and NOT a T-34…this will never do.

For a moment I thought about going with the T-36, but if I’m wrong, and Chris gets corrected on by the teacher, he could get razzing from classmates, and it would be all my fault…carry on.

I find two employees who might be able to help me. Not trying to sound like a smart a**, but I really questioned their knowledge of the English Language.

During the course of the conversation, my fears were confirmed, and I was led BACK to the Electronics Section, where another…dare I say it..disgruntled employee..pointed at two OTHER employees and said something about it’s not my job.

For like the TENTH TIME, I tell these two lovely people my tale of woe, now ALL THREE OF US head for the Stationary Section, and are joined by a brand new employee, whose only positive attribute was she could understand what I was saying…..but only if I spoke…very…very…very…slowly.

One of these lovely people tells me this store has NEVER had this type of calculator, and the person at the other store…THE ASSISTANT MANAGER BY THE WAY…must have LIED TO ME when she told me about the boat load of calculators I needed.

At this point I’m beyond miffed, beyond irked, beyond mad…no…by now I’M JUST PISSED!

I whip out my little Reporter’s Notebook, and start copying down the names on their badges, telling them, like i was Jack Lemmon in “The Out Of Towners,” their names were being added to the report I am sending to Wal Mart Corporate, and they should ALL feel ashamed of themselves, for breaking a little boy’s heart!

(BTW, in time I WILL write to Wal Mart Corporate to complain…maybe I’ll just send them this blog to read.)

The trip was not a TOTAL waste, as I had to get a soccer ball for Zach since his season starts very soon.

Get home, do the Google Search, and see the local Office Max/Depot/Space has them. I call and the clerk looks and says yes, we have a boat load of them…

I tell him to hold that sum bitch behind a counter, I’m getting it the next day.

Today after work…..finally…..mission accomplished!!!!!

Now Chris and Zach have everything they need for their new class, and at a new school to go to for both too.

And to play it safe, I got two years worth of protection on the calculator…..knowing there’s a good chance he may lose it within a week.

And, knowing where I can get another one, when ZACH wants one for his own, there will be no fighting among the boys.

As mentioned in an earlier blog, http:// their sibling rivalry has no limits.

Ring Ring Goes The Bell.