My “New” Family, & A Request

by POPSIE 1956

The wonders of the Internet amaze me daily.

Pretty much anything and everything you want, need or desire can be obtained there.

However, I never truly realized that EVERYTHING means family you totally lost track of, OR never knew even EXISTED!

Thus the title above.

As someone who can be considered close enough to a “Senior Citizen” (and my long standing membership in AARP is proof),I’m at a point in my life where I don’t have a lot of family still standing, let alone in my “inner circle.”

Sure, there’s the group of people currently in my life I talk about all the time, spouse, kids, grand kids, a few in laws on my wife’s side of the family, some special people from previous…failed experiments…no…relationships, and a select number of short and long term friends I consider family, but that’s about it.

But at my age and stage of my life, all parental units on MY side of the family are gone (as are my wife’s), my step sister, who I haven’t seen since the early 90’s, I’ve been told has passed, there’s no other siblings, and as a matter of fact, the last time I remember seeing most of my side of the family was IN the early 90’s as well, and it was at a wake…for one of my cousins who passed TOO young..and THAT is part of my tale.

Part of the abandonment issues deal with my career as well, up until we moved back to the Albany, Schenectady, Troy NY area in 2007, a lot of time since I left for Ashland College in the Buckeye State back in 1974, has been in various states, at radio stations up and down the dial.

Great line Mike, that would SO work in a song…

Wait a minute…

But I digress.

So a few months ago, I got a response to one of the blogs you see here (and as long as you’re here, feel free to read previous posts, and if so inclined, “like” them and spread the word, I want to write the next Great American Novel before I assume Room Temperature, and need all the publicity I can get), from a woman who I find to be one of my long lost cousins, who lives right in the area!

The last name is Marchinuke, not Smith or Jones, so I kinda stick out a bit.

After close to 25 years, I reconnect with Cousin Betsy, whose father was MY father’s brother (and also whom I never met, and did I tell you I’m named after?).

We’ve chatted a bit since, and trust me, it felt GREAT to hear from another Marchinuke.

It’s not like I haven’t been looking for any either.

I could go to, but truthfully, I never got around to it, either I was lazy or cheap, or both.

That web site plays into the story too, hang on.

I have tried to Google the name “Marchinuke,” and when I do I either get web sites about ME (I’m Mister Social Media), or sites showing me where to find things like obituaries of “Dead Marchinukes.”

I’m a Punk Band all to myself!

That brings us to a few days ago, when I get a Facebook Message request from someone I didn’t know, but something told me to accept it.

For the time being, the name of the person and certain pertinent information is being withheld, there’s a reason why.

It was from a woman asking me if I knew of a particular woman, also with the last name Marchinuke, including the woman’s married name, and the name of her (now deceased) husband.

I did, it was one of my aunts, my father’s sister, who passed many years ago. They had one daughter, who never married, and who also passed away at a very young age (refer to the wake I wrote of earlier).

The person asking says she is the DAUGHTER of my deceased cousin, who gave up the infant three days after birth to adoption, who just found out the last name that day, and went to for a search, at that point she must have done the Google search I spoke of, and there I was.

In truth, I was a bit cautious, this could be a scam, but considering my bank account, if it was, it wasn’t like they were going to get much…THAT went to a Nigerian Prince.

I messaged Betsy to try to put the pieces together.

There WAS a story that our deceased cousin did indeed have a child, possibly through…unfortunate circumstances…and to avoid scandal gave the child up…that’s how things were back then.

I always thought adoption information was confidential, but not knowing much about it personally I asked around.

From what I learned from a number of good, reliable friends, and from what this person told me, it SEEMED like this COULD  be true.

Then I went to HER Facebook site and saw some of her pictures.

Damn…it JUST could be!

At that point, Betsy and I have a new Second Cousin!

The reason I’m not giving out a name officially or providing more information is that my Second Cousin needs to being some of the members of the family who adopted her up to speed.

Hey guys…I found my birth mother..oh…I have new relatives as well.

This is SO cool.

So now that you have “met” my “new” family, here comes the request.

I’m not holding out any hope but I’m taking the shot.

If you are reading this, if your name is, or was Marchinuke, even if you don’t think we’re related, I want to hear from you.

If you are reading this, and you know, or KNEW, someone whose last name is/was Marchinuke, even if you don’t think we’re related, I want to hear from you.

I am sharing the link to this blog to a number of Facebook Groups and web sites I normally post to.

I need to get the word out.

Frankly, I’m starting to run out of time.

To my knowledge, unless proven otherwise, I am the LAST MALE MARCHINUKE around.

There ain’t no others who have part of me in them, to paraphrase Doctor Leonard McCoy…this man is dead, Jim.

Once I’m gone, so is the Marchinuke line.

Considering what an asshole I can be on occasion, some may say, to paraphrase Willie Nelson…call it a night, the party’s over.

You have as long as I breathe to respond in time.

E-mail me……

Only time will tell.

Thank you.