Politics Has Hindered Blogging Lately

by POPSIE 1956

One thing I have learned since starting this project some time ago, is that unless you are a literary genius, and I am FAR such a person, one can’t just “make shit up to write” and have it come out as “Gold, Jerry, Gold.”

One must be, inspired, one must be in the proper mindset and space, one must write what one knows.

I have a lot of inspiration; as the title suggests the fun, enjoyable wacky things the grand kids do, forty plus years of broadcasting “this shit really happened’ stories, and an endless supply of “Ex Wife From Hell” tales.

An area I truly enjoy writing about, probably more than all above, is something TOPICAL, something NOW, something EVERYONE is talking about.

Here’s the problem.

I have made it a lifetime goal to not “talk” politics.

I am NOT a Republican.

I am NOT a Democrat.

I belong to NO organized political party.

No friends, as stated previously, I am a GDI; a God Dammed Independent.

Since the day I first pulled the lever 40 plus years ago at age 18, I have voted for “the person” not the party.

I have made MORE than my share of mistakes in doing so too.

I’m not sure, but I believe my parents were registered Democrats, and for a reason.

Those were the days of the Albany (NY) Democratic Machine.

For those who weren’t around, from what I have been told, if you weren’t “with them,” it just didn’t get done for you.

My old man was no fool I can tell you that.

And my mom, well she just did whatever Pop told her to do (hold back the freak out responses, this was the 60’s, right or wrong, that’s how things happened)

Me, I don’t care, I’m a rebel; most times I may want to laugh at your beliefs and have fun with you, EVEN if part of me agrees with you about it.

You may care about Issues A/B/ or C, or Topics 1/2/ or 3, and in the majority of cases, I will get smarmy and snarky.

Is it because I think you’re wrong?

Is it because I think I’m right?


It is because I’m an asshole, and I’m more concerned about a quick laugh, or an occasional giggle.

It’s safe to say even my CLOSEST friends do not know who I am planning on voting for for President.

I choose it that way.

Besides, it’s really none of their fucking business.

The KILLER place to NOT talk politics, I have found, is Facebook.

Good God Almighty!

Generic Example; I make a PERSONAL comment/opinion regarding the current leader of the free world (for the record, out of the two times he ran I voted for him once, I was wrong, BUT I will not tell you WHY I felt I was wrong, or about WHAT time I was wrong, that’s as close as I’ll get).

BTW, I have voted for incumbents, but not always.

BTW, I have voted to continue the work of one party for the next person, but not always.

Anyway, I make one little comment on social media and people think it’s Dallas on November 22, 1963, and I just asked where the nearest grassy knoll is.

PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE, do you NOT know me?

I am not a Rhodes Scholar.

I am not a MENSA member.

I’m just some old fart with an opinion, but in the end, the true core of my being, is an individual who just likes to bust balls and make fun of EVERYONE!

I LOVE making fun of Republicans.

I LOVE making fun of Democrats.

I LOVE making fun of Independents

If you consider yourself to be (A) a friend (B) a co worker (C) a business associate (D) a former classmate (E) a former part of my life who is back in my life, (E) a very casual social media “bud”, you should KNOW that I have NOTHING but the utmost respect for everything YOU believe in, whether I agree with it or not.

BUT, if you’re one of the above people, please understand BECAUSE of that respect I have for you, YOU should expect me…being …me.

I live for a joke, I live for a laugh, I live for putting a smile on your face, or a smile on someone else’s face because I just busted your balls, and I live for you busting MY balls back twice as hard.

In the end you’ll fail at doing it, but I still live for that and salute your attempt to try.

(That’s where the snark and smarm come in)

So to take it back to say Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the others, you will see lots of funny insulting shit about the current batch of people running for the Presidency.

I post it cuz there is someone, somewhere, who will giggle.

Once we lose the ability to laugh at ourselves and our beliefs, even for just a moment, then we have failed as a people.

Finally to EVERYONE in EVERY POLITICAL PARTY, I may NOT always (if ever) “like” or “comment” on something you post, either “pro” about your guy or “anti” about the other guy.

Doesn’t mean I agree with you or not.

You’re entitled to your opinion.

Just don’t shove a stick up my ass if I make fun of your guy.

Simply make fun of my guy.

Oh you don’t know who my guy is, do?

Mission Accomplished!