Great TV Series Let Downs

by POPSIE 1956


We have a simple rule in our house, we call it “The Five Minute Mandate”.

When my wife and I get ready to watch a new TV series, or special, or movie, we (and when I say we it usually means she) allow five minutes to see if it will be “good”.

Most times the series/special/movie loses.

My wife is VERY picky.

She won’t watch (what she defines as) crap.

In my opinion, most women are like her.

Most guys, however, will watch anything as long as it’s moving..

or if there’s blood…

or dirty words…

or boobs…

or it’s the Three Stooges.

So when there’s a show we BOTH like, we really invest in it, and if everyone is lucky, we stay with it till the bitter end.

In 2009, we saw the first promos for “The Good Wife,” I was fascinated, my wife, eh..

Much of the eh had to do with incorporating Tammy Wynette’s “Stand By Your Man” in the promo.

My wife is not a real fan of Country Music, and Tammy Wynette in particular.

Nonetheless, we watched the pilot and were IMMEDIATELY hooked.

This was a show with STRONG characters.

This was a show with STRONG story lines.

This was a show with STRONG writing.

This show was above and beyond, our FAVORITE, in fact, I told anyone I could I thought it was the BEST show currently on TV.

This past year we got a double, no triple whammy.

Whammy one, the creators of the show announced they were leaving.

Whammy two, Julianna Margulies announced SHE was leaving.

Whammy three (although after Whammy two it was obvious), “The Good Wife” was ending it’s run.


We watched the finale, and, as we feared, something was..missing.

Hard to put a finger on it.

Lot of plotlines unresolved?

No “happy ending” (WAS there SUPPOSED to be a happy ending?)

To use a word from earlier…eh.

We felt empty.

We felt cheated.

The whole thing felt rushed.

We put a LOT of time and effort into this show, and in the end, we, and from what I have heard, quite a few other people, didn’t get the “money shot” we were expecting.

The problem is twofold; the QUALITY of the show for the majority of the run has been ABOVE AND BEYOND what was expected.

This show worked best when milking a storyline, taking it as far as possible, with lots of bumps bruises and OMG moments (RIP Will Gardner) that kept you on the edge of your seat every week.

Well, except the weeks it was delayed or postponed because of the damn football games or damn golf tournaments.

But I digress.

We’re moving on, but the finale left a bad taste in our mouths.

Certainly not the first time, certainly not the last.

Off the top of my head, there are a few series that gave me the same feeling after their runs.

First one that comes to mind is “Lost”

OK people, we KNOW you’re all dead, we knew it from Season One Episode One, you couldn’t come up with SOMETHING else?

“Dexter,” Essentially everyone dies and he just walks away?

“Roseanne,” What do you mean a dream? Dan DIES?

“Prison Break,” Michael is DEAD? The last scene is set in the future? (NEVER a good sign), can’t WAIT to see how the brothers get back together when the show returns, you know, cuz one brother is DEAD!

“Entourage,” Lame, lame and lame at the end. WHY did ANYONE think a movie would work? Answer, it DIDN’T!

“Dallas,”  A double dose of screw up, in the first run, the Devil did a “It’s A Wonderful Life” on JR, then we hear gunfire off camera? Cliff hanger..REALLY? Then on the second run, it was GREAT…then Larry Hagman died, points for trying without JR, but “Dallas” is simply NOT “Dallas without JR.

“St. Elsewhere,” The imagination of an autistic kid? RAINMAN could not have come up with a lamer ending.

“The Sopranos,” I would have given ANYTHING to see Steve Perry walk in the diner and off the whole f*cking family.

There are MANY more I could mention, probably a lot you watched I didn’t, feel free to comment.

As for “The Good Wife,” I had a “bucket list” of an ending that would have topped “Newhart,”…

Alicia decides to pack it all up, leave family, friends, career, and run away with a doctor at a Chicago hospital…

played by George Clooney.