Get Off The Pot Before It’s Too Late

by POPSIE 1956


Hi there, it’s been quite a long time since I’ve blogged.

I leave it to my instincts, I don’t blog just to write something, I usually have to be motivated and/or inspired.

In truth, I HAVE been motivated/inspired to write on a topic for quite a while now, but have resisted the urge to do so, knowing the current shit storm on the topic will continue with this article.

Here we go…..


The 2016 Presidential Election.

I am not here to tell you who I am voting for.

I have made up my mind, but it’s my business, not yours.

If I said who, no matter WHICH candidate, I’m gonna get blasted by the other side(s), and frankly, I don’t want or need the hassle.

I am not here to tell YOU who to vote for.

That’s YOUR business.

What I AM here to tell you, is this year, more than ever, it’s vital to vote for WHOEVER you select.

That’s the process.

I am writing this on Sunday, November 6th, two days before the Election.

It is ONLY very recently I made my final decision on who I am voting for.

I really don’t like ANY of these people.

I believe I am FAR from alone on that last statement.

As of this writing, millions have already voted, with millions more ready to hit the switch on Tuesday.

That said, the pundits have had the hardest time predicting the outcome.

So what is a person to do, if, like me, they would rather pick “None of the above?”

The WRONG thing to do is NOT vote at all!

It seems this year, choosing the next President has become MUCH more complicated.

Usually, one picks “their person” to do the job.

But, if you don’t like (for example in this campaign) Candidate A, Candidate B, Candidate C or Candidate D, who DO you pick.

I have heard many will select one candidate over the others as a way to make sure the others don’t stand a chance, rather than selecting that candidate for what he or she can really do.

That’s not really a glowing endorsement for the candidate you DO select, but part of me understands the logic, at least this year.

If that is your choice this year, go with God, AT LEAST YOU VOTED.

There are many who select the candidate of their chosen party every year no matter what, BUT, we have seen cases being made this year where, for example, those registered to the party of Candidate A do not like what the candidate represents, perhaps the candidate is so far off the party platforms they will vote instead for Candidate B, C or D.

If that is your choice this year, go with God, AT LEAST YOU VOTED.

I have also heard of many saying they are going to write in a name as their choice for President.

Your choice, BUT ONLY if you write in an acceptable name!

If you remember, in the last year, there have been MANY people who ran to get their parties nomination and came up short.

Writing in the name of any of THOSE people, if you believe in them, in my opinion is the right thing to do, let the process work.

HOWEVER, in my opinion, writing in the name of say “Ronald McDonald”, “Glen from The Walking Dead” or “My Mom” is TRULY a wasted vote, and does not move the process along.

Write in yes, write in for a viable candidate yes, write in just to show the country you are an asshole, no.

If that is your choice this year, go with God, AT LEAST YOU VOTED.

I am proud to say, as I close up on 61 in a couple of months, I have voted in EVERY election in EVERY year since I was 18, NO MATTER what race or issue is on the ballot.

It’s my RIGHT to do so, and it’s YOUR right to do so, if for nothing else BECAUSE you have the right to do so.

And yes I know all about the Electoral College, but that’s still a moot point when it comes to the FREEDOM of you being able to choose.

Finally, and I say this EVERY year, there are many who just will not vote, or have never voted.

In general, many of the many will bitch and moan every chance they get when politicians don’t “get the job done.”

Even though, and ESPECIALLY BECAUSE they didn’t pick someone in the election.

To all of those, four simple words…..shut the fuck up…..

You want change, vote.

You want to keep status quo, vote.

You don’t select, shut the fuck up, until you DO vote.

Happy picking.