Get Over It!

by POPSIE 1956


If you know history, you know about Rodney King.

You know about his most famous quote.

Going forward, we must ALL remember that phrase, and do as Rodney King said.

We must ALL get along.

I watched. listened and read in AMAZEMENT the reaction many in America had upon finding out that Donald J. Trump is the President Elect.

From riots, to protests, to a Trump pinata (which is kind of funny, what with all that “Wall” talk), many appear to have had a temper tantrum, not, in my opinion, because their candidate did not win, but rather that Trump DID!

People, people, people…frankly, like it or not, he won, SHUT UP AND TAKE YOUR MEDICINE!

Now, before you start rioting over ME, read the following, do it a couple times so you totally understand it.

I did not vote for Trump, but he won, perhaps I will choose different in 2020.

Read it again.

As I have mentioned before, it was not until the end of the Presidential campaign that I made my choice to not vote for him, instead, voting for Hillary Clinton.

THAT choice was LARGELY under protest, as well.

Some background; when Trump announced, I was open minded, I have no problem with getting someone completely different in the Oval Office, maybe he had something everyone else was missing, let’s see what he had to say.

I admit I was…interested..OK Mister Trump, how about details on what you want to do?

I never got them, or never got them to my satisfaction.

Then the cartoon character started coming out more and more.

Still, MAYBE I will get those details.


Look, we ALL know what he said, we ALL know what he did. I am not rehashing it all now, since that would be quite silly after the Election. I only knew I did NOT want him to be the next President.

Who do we have?


In truth, I can’t put my finger on it, but SOMETHING about her just made me uncomfortable.

SOMETHING about her made me feel we might be in trouble if she were to become President.

Call it an instinct, call it a gut reaction, I can’t justify it, but it was a…feeling..deep inside me that she’s not the person for the job.

Allow me at this time to talk about an issue regarding Hillary Clinton that turned me off cold.

And I know it may irritate many reading my words.

I did not want to elect Hillary Clinton JUST BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN.

I do not want to elect ANY woman for President JUST BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN.

I want to elect someone for President who is RIGHT for the job, PERIOD, END OF SENTENCE.

If I am being honest, I had that same feeling with Barrack Obama in 2008.

I vote qualifications, NOT gender, and NOT race, and NOT religion.

If I voted in 1960, perhaps I would have picked John F. Kennedy, but NOT because he was a Catholic, as I am.

So, back to 2016, no to Trump, and no to Hillary.

What about Gary Johnson?

Again, willing to listen with an open mind, but after that “Allepo” thing, I knew he wasn’t the guy.

Flashback to 2008, I voted for McCain and not Obama, because at the time I thought McCain had the chops to deal with Foreign Affairs more than Obama.

In 2012 I voted for Obama, because I felt (and still do) that Mitt Romney was/is a rich elitist snob.

Three down, one to go.

Jill Stein…

Four down, none to go.

In the end, I DID vote for Hillary Clinton, ONLY because I did NOT want Donald Trump to be my next President.

I suspect there were MANY others who felt as I did.

I also felt (and discussed this in a previous blog) that in 2016, there would be more write in votes than before.

Those loyal to Bernie Sanders or maybe Rand Paul might make a last ditch effort.

But as we learned in the middle of the night this past Tuesday, Donald Trump won the approval of America.

Now, at this point, some are saying “Hey asshole, he won the Electoral College, not (as of this writing) the Popular Vote.

Valid. I for one don’t like the Electoral College, and perhaps one day it will go away. Until then, that’s how the President is selected.

As we look ahead to a Trump Presidency, we must think about a few things.

WHICH Trump will be our President? The Reality Show, obnoxious dickweed we saw during the campaign? Or the right person for the job?

If we can go by his acceptance speech Tuesday night, MAYBE there’s another guy in there.

Campaign promises? Listen, MANY people running for office make promises, doesn’t mean they are going to keep them.

Doesn’t mean they CAN keep them (i.e. “term limits”).


Most Presidents have the famous “FIRST ONE HUNDRED DAYS IN OFFICE” to get it done, after that, achieving their goals are much more difficult.

Mad he won? Hate the guy? Scared shitless?

Me too.

But, for now, the system worked and he is the guy.

Perhaps we may not need to have him in office the entire 4/8 years.

(See Nixon/Watergate)

You have the right to protest, and if it makes you feel better, goodie for you.

Not changing anything, you know.

Gonna move to Canada?

Send me back some bacon.

PLEASE, let the man try to do what he was chosen to do.

If Hillary Clinton won, would there be massive protests over that?

America, take a pill.

Finally, the night of the Election, I heard a co worker (young, very dumb kid barely 30 years old) make a crack about Trump getting “a JFK job.”

You little fucking idiot, REALLY?

I may have been a kid in 1963, but I still remember, and we DON’T need THAT shit!

Time to move on America.

To quote my late father in law, in dealing with the obsession his wife had for years with planning/celebrating Christmas as early as December 26th…”It’ll all be over soon.”

Get back to me in four years.