I’m in Media but not “THE MEDIA”!

by POPSIE 1956


If response to this post is anything like my last one (see “Get Over It!”), this will be SURE to piss SOMEONE off.

Let’s talk about “The Media.”

You know, “The Drive Bys.”

“The Jaded Press,”

“The Clinton News Network,” etc., etc. etc.

In particular, you know how THAT media has been blamed for numerous things that happened, or rather DIDN’T happen, in this past presidential election.

One Sided.


The Libs.

Ad nauseam.

OK, there’s a very good case to be made where “The Media” is perhaps slanted.

I propose, however, while there is a slant towards “liberal” news organizations, there is JUST AS MUCH slanting in “CONSERVATIVE”  news organizations.

Right or wrong, it happens.

It’s really not going to change.

That’s not what irritates me.

What REALLY irritates me is that as a news anchor and news reporter, I (and not just my co workers but other non network radio, television and newspaper news people) automatically get tossed in with CNN, MSNBC, FOX and all of the other “big guys”, accusing us of being just as (if not more) biased in our reporting.

And I am simply saying…NOT FAIR!

Here’s what I do, for those who don’t know.

I am employed as a news anchor/reporter for a heritage radio station in upstate New York.

While the company that employs me is known as, among other things, “The Beck Company,” The Rush Company “and/or “The Hannity Company,” when we report THE NEWS, not ONE single person I work with (and, in my heart, I believe others of a similar position fit in here) puts a political slant on ANY story.

We REPORT the news, we NEVER purposely write stories based on ANY political leaning, whether the Corporate Mothership follows those leanings or not.

Let me give you an example.

On average, each of us has approximately five minutes in any given hour for a complete news cast.

That includes a weather forecast, traffic reports, commercials, plus formatting of each cast.

We have a VERY limited time to do news.

The stories we do are a mixture of local stories, national and international.

If it has to do with politics, for example, we have done PRO Donald Trump stories, and we have done CON Donald Trump stories.

We have done PRO Hillary Clinton stories, and we have done CON Hillary Clinton stories.

From a state standpoint, we have done PRO Andrew Cuomo stories and we have done CON Andrew Cuomo stories.

You get the idea.

We get ideas for stories (or actual completed stories, that are edited ONLY to allow time for MORE stories, and NOT edited to change the content of the story) from a number of sources.

In one case, a national news organization that, yes, some might be consider liberal leaning.

Which is countered by a national news organization that, yes, might be considered conservative leaning.

We get ideas from press releases sent by news makers and “politically based” organizations, which by it’s very nature can be leaning left, right or center.

It’s our job to cut through the bullshit and just tell people what is going on.

We don’t keep count of how many liberal stories we air, we don’t keep count of how many conservative stories we air.

The order of stories in any particular news cast depends on (A) the importance of the story in relation to others and (B) the interest level to (in our case) to our listeners.

The lead may be a local story, a national story, an international story, based on the parameters just stated.

Some days it’s all local.

Some days it’s all national.

EVERY day, it’s just the news.

We who are NOT the national media have NO agenda, NO interest, NO benefit in slanting ANY story to fit (A) how we feel politically, (B) how the company feels politically or (C) how…in our case…the listener feels politically.

I am going to go on a not so long limb and say local television does the same thing.

Local newspapers do the same.

All of us simply REPORT the news, we DON’T make it up, ESPECIALLY to fit any of our political leanings.

So yes, I REALLY DO get it.

The national television networks, the national news networks, the “great metropolitan newspapers” all probably/possibly have an agenda, more than likely, if you want to believe that.

Is anyone forcing you to watch, or listen to  or read what they provide you?

Hell no.

So don’t.

JUST REMEMBER…your LOCAL radio news department, television news department and newspaper news department has ONE simple job.

Tell you the news.

Straight, no chaser.