Schenectady NY

Bio: I am a "seasoned"...some people say experienced...some people say worldly...I just say freakin' old...broadcaster (as of this writing, they could fire my wrinkly old ass any day now and I'm a Wal Mart Greeter) who has been wanting to get my thoughts on "paper" (police reports from the past don't count) about various thoughts popping up in my head (that the meds don't squash). I like to share about my time as a broadcaster, about the interesting people I meet, and also about my family, which includes my grand sons. I consider myself the "Wise Ass Of The News Room" at work, and my life consists of verbalizing these random thoughts out loud, more to my amusement but if others find it funny so be it. I do have a very serious, haunting, and terrifying side...but enough about my ex wives. I invite you to come along and ride my "He's just not right" train to a few giggles. As always, I would LOVE to hear from you, unless I owe you money.

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