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Online Self Expression Without Pissing Off Friends


When was the last time you blocked someone on Social Media?

When was the last time YOU were blocked on Social Media?

Do you post thoughts on “controversial issues” with no care that there are some/many who disagree?

Do you hold back on posting thoughts on said issues for the same reason?

It’s really been bugging me lately, and I have been trying to find a spot in the middle where most people can just chill on what I think, without causing the next World War.

I don’t want to get detailed about what I am talking about, since even when one says or writes…that name..the shit storm starts, but I am guessing as you’re reading this, and know the current tone of the nation, you understand.

Since I want an open mind of all who read my words, I will not share my specific opinions on the topic at hand in this piece.

But I think I have found a way to get my point over without causing riots in the streets.

I will give you a moment, if you haven’t guessed yet, to think of the unmentioned subject of the discussion.

OK, ready to play?

Going forward, I will simply address said subject of discussion as THE SUBJECT.

Now, while there is a little bit of middle ground, we are vastly divided, either in favor of THE SUBJECT, or opposed to THE SUBJECT.

I am well aware that if I share my opinion, no matter what it is, on THE SUBJECT, while I will get a great number who agree, I will get an equal if not greater number who disagree.

I will admit having strong feelings about THE SUBJECT, and will write about it on Social Media.

And there goes the shit storm.

Because of what is going on regarding THE SUBJECT, anger and hate on both sides take over.

I don’t want to be the cause of anger and hate.

I don’t want to promote anger and hate.

But at times I can’t, and more importantly I won’t keep my mouth shut.

Since people started talking about THE SUBJECT, there seems to be no way of just having an adult conversation.

So what to do? Ignore talking about THE SUBJECT?

Go back to making jokes, and posting pictures of puppies, kittens, the last meal I had, and my grand kids?

In truth, I LOVE doing that, BUT, that is just one side of me.

I do NOT want to incite anger and hate, but from time to time my opinion needs to be shared, in the most non offensive way I can.

So, I turn to my Social Media friends, and let THEM do the posting.

If you are on Social Media, you certainly know what it is to “LIKE” something.

When one of my friends on Social Media posts something about THE SUBJECT that I may agree with, I will “LIKE” it.

When they don’t, I won’t.

To me, that tells the world how I feel without coming out and directly saying it.

My Social Media friends see how I feel, all who share the same feeling share a bond of brotherhood, those opposed, with luck, may not be as angered and/or annoyed.

Perhaps I will see what my Social Media friends have posted, and in addition to hitting the “LIKE” button, I may also “SHARE” that post for more people to see, WITHOUT having to put my words in that share.

When I do things like that, make no mistake, I am NOT being silent when it comes to THE SUBJECT.

It’s like when you gives kids yucky medicine, if they take it direct they will hate it, AND hate you for giving it to them, BUT, if it’s “sugar coated” as it were, they can take their medicine without a strong negative reaction.

Now, before we wrap up, someone may say “Hey, do you NOT have an opinion on THE SUBJECT on your own?”

Why yes, I do, thanks for asking.

The hot button that gets pushed in me EVERY TIME is when the discussion on THE SUBJECT turns to negative opinions on “The Media.”

While I am not directly THAT media, I have been IN The Media for over 40 years, and I am HIGHLY defensive of it.

THAT, I will post my opinion about.

Additionally, since I am a member of The Media, I do want to use some caution when posting.

After all, I truly DO want to remain “fair and balanced.”

And I have bills to pay.

So, dear friends, I continue to make an effort to “clean it up” in my Social Media feeds.

But if you don’t see rants from me all the time about THE SUBJECT, don’t be of the false impression I don’t care.

Because, I know one day, today, tomorrow, in four years or eight, THE SUBJECT will be closed.


And THAT will make America great again!



When Opinionated Celebrities Attack!


Everyone chill out.

This is not a negative piece on the President Elect.

This is not a negative piece on what happened at the Golden Globes.

If you know me, you know the title of this piece is CLEARLY tongue in cheek.

Everyone cool?

Let’s move on.

We ALL know what happened with Meryl Streep.

We ALL know the reaction from the President Elect.

My take:

EVERYONE, no matter who they are or aren’t, no matter how famous they are or aren’t, no matter how rich they are or aren’t, EVERYONE has the right to express their opinion on the running of this country.

Like the government and wanna say so openly, cool.

Don’t like the government and wanna say so openly, just as cool.

As Americans, we should be ENCOURAGED to speak up and/or speak out.

That said, IN MY OPINION, there should be a proper place, time, venue or occasion for that speaking out to happen.

Before I continue, a clarification.

Politically, I call myself a GDI, or God Damned Independent.

I have NO affiliation of ANY party, and have NEVER registered with anyone.

I love that Streep was as passionate as she was in her speech.

Personally, however, I wish those words, while worth saying, were said elsewhere than the Awards.

While I did not watch the show, had I watched, whether I agreed or disagreed with what she said, I wanted to watch a show about entertainment, fun, creativity.

Because her words were said in that setting, I think that’s why many people have sticks up their asses today.

Thanks to social media (and as we have seen by the President Elect), there are countless places to express an opinion.

Hell, I’m using this blog to express mine.

An individual can take to their Facebook account, personal blogs, web sites, yes, even Twitter, and tell the world what is on your mind.

Remember Letters To The Editor?

Still there.

If one chose to do so, one could attend and speak out at a political rally, discussing pro for one side and/or con for the other.

One could go Old School and stand on a soapbox in the park.

Perhaps no one will listen to you, BUT YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO SO.


I don’t want to go to a concert and hear how an artist feels about the political scene.

However, I want that artist to express themselves, but IN THE PROPER PLACE, TIME AND VENUE.

I don’t want to go to a comedy show and hear how a comedian feels about the political scene.

However, I want that comedian to express themselves, but IN THE PROPER PLACE, TIME AND VENUE.

I don’t want to turn on the radio and hear how my favorite wacky crazy nutty DJ feels about the political scene.

However, I want that favorite wacky crazy nutty DJ to express themselves, but IN THE PROPER PLACE, TIME AND VENUE.

Get it?

So thank you Meryl Streep for opening up on how you feel.

I encourage you to continue doing so.



Finally, if you don’t care what famous people have to say, no one is holding a gun to your head to listen.

And while you have the right to do so, express your opinion any way you choose.

You can even Tweet about it…..as long as you’re not the (nearly next) leader of the free world.








The following story is true, oh it’s DAMN true.

Understand I am NOT pointing fingers and making accusations…your results may vary.

That said, unless you hear otherwise, something needs to be done about these bastards, hypothetically.

Your help is needed to spread the word to as many people as you can and put these sons of bitches in jail.


Before I begin, there IS a happy ending to this story.

Here we go.

We’re right in the middle of holiday shopping. At this point, every available penny, nickel and dime goes to make sure the grand kids have a great Christmas.

Word had it one might be getting a hoverboard from Santa, we thought he would appreciate a little help in providing for one of his siblings.

(And yes, we did a LOT of research on the safety factor etc)

Looking around, we come across a site called HOVERBOARDER.COM, with a pretty good deal.

The site HOVERBOARDER.COM looked OK, came across as a “safe and secure site,” let’s buy it.

So the site HOVERBOARDER.COM said the product we purchased would arrive in three business days, approximately.

Not sure exactly when the item was purchased, but the site HOVERBOARDER.COM people took our money on November 30th.

Allowing some time, we were assuming sometime this week.

We called the people at HOVERBOARDER.COM to check on the status of the order.

However, EVERY TIME WE CALLED, we got voice mail saying “We can’t come to the phone right now, please leave a message.”

We leave a message and wait.

After a reasonable amount of time, we try a couple more times to contact the people at HOVERBOARDER.COM, but keep getting the same message.

We leave another message, when we don’t hear back, we call again, and again, and again.

But we keep getting the same result from HOVERBOARDER.COM.

We try multiple times in an e-mail, same result, NO result.

Now we’re getting scared, and pissed off.

After some researching, we find a web site with reviews about HOVERBOARDER.COM.

Here’s a few…


This is the owner’s Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/jimmy.temkin . Look through the photos.. Smoking pot, running around naked, dancing to techno in the laundrymat. Do not buy, you will never see your hoverboard. I think he is going to steal everyone’s money and disappear.


I ordered a board on Nov 8 2016, the money was taken out of my account the same day. Its Dec 8 2016 today and still no hoverboard. I will be notifying the federal government and intend to press charges so hopefully these people can be tracked down. If u already ordered from these bastards then notify your bank or credit card company asap and start taking steps to get your money refunded back to you.


The same problems everyone else is having. Quick to take my $$$ and disappear after that. No response from the “customer service” line. No response to any emails. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!!!! I will be contacting my bank, the FL state officials and local government enforcement on cybercrime. Garbage humans involved with this scam should burn in hell!!!


Same experience as the others on the site regarding this company. I also Google Earth to see where this place is located. Lo and behold, it showed a residential neighborhood in a screwed up part of Miami. So be careful!!!!!!!



If you ordered from Hoverboarder.com STOP READING this right now. Call your credit card company and dispute the charge immediately. The credit card companies are aware of the problem and will support you. They will ask you for your email sales receipt. As long as you have waited the 3-5 day shipping window, Hoverboarder.com has defaulted on the sale and must issue a refund. But let the credit company get your money for you, don’t wait on these guys. You are under no obligation to accept the product and it is on the company to prove that they shipped within the advertised window. My money was refunded instantly and I’ve already ordered from another site. You are not out your money and there’s still time for you to get your Christmas present, but not from this place.

Just like me, you goofed, clicked on the add and ordered without researching. So learn from me now what we both should have learned BEFORE we ordered. Accept your mistake and move on. Don’t waste time reading more reviews or hoping that you will get lucky. Don’t think that you or your circumstances are special. You’ve been scammed. They have an F rating with the better business bureau and there are literally hundreds of online complaints. They will not return your calls and email responses are worthless. When you’re done, file a complaint with Google so their add gets pulled.

And those are just the ones from TODAY!

Took a suggestion from one of the reviews and went to Google Earth, the address for HOVERBOARDER.COM said

“132 NE 22nd St Suite 2

Miami, FL 33137”

A picture showed some guys back yard..far from a business.

The money taken from our account was NOT taken from HOVERBOARDER.COM, rather, some guy names “Jimmy Temkin”, someone found someone with a similar name on Facebook, he is also from Florida, by coincidence.

I smell a rat, and the fuck has my money too.

At this point, the most important thing is not work on getting the money back (BTW, long story short, NO issue with the people at HOVERBOARDER.COM getting into our account, too complicated but trust me they can’t), that we can do at any time.

The issue is getting a REPLACEMENT hoverboard to make sure there’s a great Christmas morning.

BUT, let’s do some investigative reporting (I am a Broadcast Journalist, remember).

I call my bank, tell them about the possible issues with HOVERBOARDER.COM, and ask if they can track where the money went.

They go one better, they help me file a claim, and put BACK the money temporarily until they investigate.

Sure as shit, it was returned to my account this morning TO THE PENNY!

Now, the BANK will attempt to contact the people at HOVERBOARDER.COM to see what is going on.

If they find out what is going on, they take the money back once we get the hoverboard.

If we get the hoverboard back without the assistance of the bank, they take the money back.

After a short period of time (certainly by Christmas), if there is no resolution, the money stays with us, and (I’m guessing) legal action will be taken against HOVERBORDER.COM by the bank, just like we will do.

And we just got that replacement hoverboard from a FAR more reputable place.

Certainly MORE reliable than HOVERBOARDER.COM

Finally, if you read this, PLEASE pass along the word that POTENTIALLY, this is a RIP OFF.

If we are WRONG, and we don’t think we are, we will make an apology here to everyone imvolved.

Somehow, don’t think we’ll have to do that.

Merry Christmas!

(UPDATE # 1-Monday, December 12th)

Follow up to my blog about the hoverboard scam the other day. Ordered replacement Thursday, just got it today/Monday, happy ending.


UPDATE # 2-Tuesday, December 13th)


In cooperation with the CPSC (United States Consumer Product Safety Commission), Hoverboarder.com will be ceasing all operations, and as recommended by the agency, we will no longer be shipping any of our hoverboards.

Instructions To Obtain a Refund:
1) Contact your credit card provider by calling the phone number on the back of the card.
2) Inform them that you would like to dispute a charge from Hoverboarder.com
3) Provide them with any relevant information regarding the transaction.
If you need any further instructions, please call us at 866-981-2737, Monday-Friday 10am-5pm.
– See more at: https://hoverboarder.com/#sthash.dmiBRjd4.dpuf



It’s NOT all perks, you know!


After all these many years, I am still AMAZED how many people think what I do is not REALLY a job.

OK, I admit I have been MORE than fortunate, and, I DO say it’s a paid hobby, but broadcasters are just like “normal” folk.

Note, that is one of the very few times in my career I have used “broadcasters” and “normal” in the same sentence…carry on.

It’s not just a misconception of how we do our job, but there are (for me, anyway) MANY down sides to living the life when you are away from the microphone.

Let’s start with Misconception Number 1-“You guys make SO much money it’s crazy.”

Yes kids, there ARE a good number of people who can be considered…comfortable..in the field.

By and large, however, for many years, and continuing today, that’s limited to Morning Show people, where advertising rates and listenership is highest. If you have a good Morning Show, the company makes money, so that’s the spotlight time.

As a former Night Guy (7-midnight) I would always say if you have a popular Night Show, when listeners go to bed and turn off their radio, it will be on the SAME station for the Morning Show when they wake up and turn it on, so in other words, Night Shows are MOST important.

Nope, no one ever bought THAT one, but I kept trying…until I started doing Morning Shows.

Outside of the Morning Show, one can earn a living…not saying decent…but a living.

I know more than my share of radio people over the years who had a full time radio gig who still had a second, or even third part time job.

That’s why lots of radio people do wedding receptions and high school dances.

So, Misconception Number 1, shot down.

Misconception Number 2, and this applies to those in the music side of what I do, ” You can play anything you want to at anytime.”

All I am saying here is that there are programming people/consultants/corporate folk up the food chain, that…take care of that for you.

And they KNOW when you play something not on the list…

Misconception Number 3, “You can say anything you want to at anytime.”

See Number 2. To put it another way, in my years as a Music Jock, I have heard the phrase “Shut up and play the fucking music” more than I care to admit.

In truth, with some exception, content is..driven…to sell the station or an event associated with it.

And remember the web site, Facebook and Twitter reference too.

Please understand, I am not bitching and/or complaining about how my business is…different…than what it was when I began my career.

To coin a WELL worn out phrase, it is what it is.

You accept the nature of the business the way it is, or don’t, no one is forcing you to do it.

As for my fellow…journeymen and women who have had a career close to as long as mine, I feel your pain.

Many in my field are no LONGER in the field, a lot of them though no fault of their own.

Blame the bean counters.

However, for others still hanging in (and I place myself among them), it’s sometimes just a simple phrase…adapt or die.

My current job is in News, in ALL the years in this field, this is the FIRST job in News I ever had.


My type of Music Radio isn’t around as much as before, and I didn’t want to move around again.

I also needed a job, and I conned these people into thinking I could do it.

Almost six years later, they must still be conned.

One just CAN’T last in this or ANY business by doing things ONLY the way that has worked over the years.

Learn to GROW your talent by enhancing what you do, matching how the business grows, EVEN if you don’t think it’s grown, rather deteriorated.

In truth, I’d bet good money that the average listener today (A) doesn’t really pay attention to what the voices on the radio say, or (B) doesn’t really CARE about what the voices on the radio say…at least as much as the voices on the radio would think and hope them to do.

Why? People not in my business have LIVES, and are involved with things MUCH MORE important than what the idiot on the radio just said.

Years ago I learned a great technique to show myself how good…or not good I was at doing my job.

One day I recorded an ENTIRE show, music, commercials, everything I said, during a 4-5 hour show.

I took that recording, put it aside, and waited a few weeks.

When I had the time, I played back the entire show at once, while going about my day.

Much to my amazement, I was so engrossed in being a human being with duties and responsibilities, that I really didn’t have time to hear what that voice was saying in the recording.

It was humbling, but eye opening. Since that day I have offered the technique to former students and employees when I was an instructor or manager.

So, while not eliciting any sympathy, dear reader, please understand when it comes to jobs in the business, we are NO different from you, no matter what you do, blue or white collar.

We are also, despite what a …..select…number of egotistical, self centered, hot airbag filling, it’s all about me, self labeled superstars may think..no BETTER than you.

That all being said, and going back to the title of his little blog, there are a few things that really bug the crap out of me, that are just…part of the job.

If you are not a broadcaster, you may think them silly, and while I am not saying these things affect everyone in my business, I know I am not alone.

Bitch Number 1-since my first day in the business, I can just NEVER simply listen to the radio for pure enjoyment.

No matter who I listen to, I listen for execution of the programming, I listen for ideas I can steal for my station, I listen for fuck ups on the air I can laugh at and share with others.

Bitch Number 2, because of Bitch Number 1, I can NOT get away from my business unless I want to live on a desert island.

Radio is all over, it never really ends.

Same with television.

Same with newspapers.

Being “in the media,” you would have to be in prison to not be around the media.

Even if you don’t listen/watch/read, you know relatives/friends/neighbors who know what you do and assume you know EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.

Many years ago, my parents had a VCR that went off Channel 3

(Kids-Google that)

My mother called me at work and DEMANDED that I go to their house IMMEDIATELY to fix it.

Why? Because I work in broadcasting, and I can fix everything.

In truth I did fix the VCR but you get the idea.

BTW, I got that reference from Jay Leno and his parents…it’s true…oh it’s damn true…

Bitch Number 3-I hate parades.

I used to love them, but after 40 plus years of being IN parades, they are too much of a reference to work.

Same with fairs.

Same (to a much smaller degree) with concerts.

Same with telethons and/or other fundraisers.

I have been involved with so MANY of these everyday things as a participant, I have such a hard time enjoying them as a civilian.

Final Bitch-and this was especially true when I was doing Music Radio…I can’t express myself in public in a negative fashion about a musical act if I am on the air playing that musical act’s music, and talking the act up as a way to sell them on my station.

Case in point, in the late 80’s/early 90’s, I was working at a Top 40 station, at the time, THE bomb, as they say, were New Kids On The Block.

If you are a NKOTB fan, don’t hate me, actually I have come around to enjoy them quite a lot.

At the time, however, I couldn’t stand the little Boston Bastards.


About every half hour or so,at their peak, I had to play one their songs.

I compare it to a legendary quote attributed to Groucho Marx, who was interviewing a woman with something like 15-20 kids. The woman said, according to legend, “I love my husband very much,” to which Groucho replied, again according to legend, “I love my cigar too, but I take it out of my mouth every once in a while.”

A family member gave me a T shirt with the words “NEW KIDS SUCK” on the front.

It was the BEST Christmas present I had gotten up to that point in my life.

However, as long as I was working at THAT particular station, I could NEVER wear it in public.

What would happen to the people who listened to me, who thought I loved “THEM” (NKOTB) as much as the listeners?

What would happen if those people started to hate me and started listening to “the other station”?

What would happened if I got fired because of a lack of listeners and had to learn to like the taste of government cheese?

So, as much as it killed me, I put the “NEW KIDS SUCK” shirt away.

Until I got fired from that station.

Then I wore the son of a bitch every day for a month.

THAT’S the right stuff…..bitches!





My Favorite “Radio Personality,” 30 Years Later


I have been in the broadcast industry since 1974, when I started attending Ashland College, and professionally since 1977, when I began my career at WNCO AM/FM in Ashland, Ohio.

Over the years, like many others in the business, I have gone by a variety of “On Air” names.

For me, a last name of Marchinuke is not really user friendly, especially if you want listeners to remember you when it comes to rating book time.

Or you want to keep the…..special…..listeners who get a little too…..close…..to their favorite radio personality away (See “Play Misty For Me”).

Or you’re trying to avoid the law, or at minimum ex wives, and their lawyers.

I started out as “Mike Patrick” (Patrick being the go to middle name), which I use to this day.

In no particular order, I have also been “Mister Mike In The Morning,” Mister Mikey In The Morning,” Big Mike Patrick/Big Mike In The Morning” and for a short while “Boomer” (when I was working for an Oldies station, a tribute to my idol and main influence, Boom Boom Brannigan, a mainstay at WPTR in Albany NY when I was growing up).

But one name, and honest to God I have NO reason to understand why, has stuck with me for what now has become THIRTY YEARS!

Good God almighty am I old..

That name was/is Shadow Michaels.


And I didn’t even come up with it.

Late Summer/early Fall 1986, I’m working in Elyria-Cleveland, Ohio, and circumstances warranted me looking for another job.

(In truth, I was taken off the Morning Show on a (somewhat) Top 40 FM station and put on nights on an automated AM Beautiful Music station.)

The Program Director was a douche bag who wanted the Morning Show for himself and his large breasted slut girlfriend, and thought this would inspire me to look elsewhere.

It worked, and as a bonus, D Bag and Barbie failed in less than six months.

I had always wanted to “come back home” and achieve some success in my chosen field among my chosen people.

Uh…well you know what I mean…

Fate would have it, there was a job opening for a night show host at Top 40 FLY 92 in Albany.

At this time, FLY was in what I call a period of transition, it’s better days were soon to come.

I was hired by Program Director Steve “The Magic” Christian, and on a Wednesday morning in October, 1986, I showed up for my first day of work.

Steve told me two things right away….(this was at 10 AM)…..learn everything I can cuz I am on the air THAT VERY NIGHT at 7!

For those who don’t know, and this was years before computers, and working for a Top 40 station formatted station was/is one of the hardest things to master, that’s a boat load to learn and be ready to execute in less than 9 hours.

Steve also said, you’ll be following Michael Morgan, so you can’t be Mike Patrick, you need a new name by 7 tonight.

Damn, damn, damn.

So I sat with Mid Day personality Pete Clark and Afternoon Drive personality Michael (now Mike) Morgan, writing down everything they told me, hoping I would remember it all.

And I was scared shitless the whole time.

Around 5 Christian came up to me, and told me to grab some dinner, be back by 6:30.

I told him I was too busy learning how to do my job to even start to think about a new name.

Steve said he called all around to all of his contacts, and was given a suggestion based on a guy who was starting to make some major movement in the field, Shadoe Stevens.

And that’s how Shadow Michaels came about.

A pause for a moment in regard to Shadoe Stevens.

At one point he was the “voice” on “Hollywood Squares”, and eventually take over from Casey Kasum as host of “American Top 40”.

The Promotions people came up with a real easy tie in involving that guy and me.


I’m guessing SOMEONE would come as Shadoe, but WHO would want to dress as Shadow?

This guy.


In fact, he was the ONLY one who came dressed up as either of us, so he won by default. This picture was taken after the fact, the night of the contest, he DID dress like me, and combed his hair as I did.

So here comes 7 PM, don’t know how I did it but I did.

The more I did it, the more I liked it, and apparently the more the listeners liked it.

And I was stunned with it all.

I did NOTHING new, original, out of the ordinary.

I imitated.

My personal influences were the “Boss Jock” personality based DJ’s I listened to in the 60’s and early 70’s.

I took what they did, put an 80’s spin on it, and people thought it was something brand new.

I knew better.

At this point Christian had moved on, another PD came in (no names), and never bothered me, well he was too busy with alleged payola stuff going on, he didn’t last long.

My greatest success as Shadow was due to one guy, Todd Pettengill.

Todd was not only hosting the Morning Show then, he was now running the whole joint.

Todd trusted me to do my thing, he allowed me to open up and say/do anything to make a splash (within FCC guidelines, of course).

I would start every show with the open to the old “Shadow” radio show…you know, the one that always ended with “The Shadow Knows.”

Then I created a label that has stuck with a lot of folks all these years later.

“The Crier Of Desire, The Dove Of Love, The Bust Of Lust, The Mighty Party Beast Of The Great Northeast!”

No I still don’t get it either but they bought it.

The Night Show on FLY had two regular elements in it, “The Top Ten At Ten,” and “The Love Line.”

Boys and girls, this was when radio was LIVE 24/7/365, no computers, the compact discs were just starting, no voice tracking, no digital editors (splicing tape and razors baby).

Everything, music, station imaging, commercials, were all on carts (kids-Google 8 tracks).

We had 3 or maybe 4 cart decks, which meant we had to be quick on our toes at all times, which meant taking/recording calls (and in those days, for a Top 40 Night Show, meant NO let up on calls all night), and editing calls for air later on, leaving time for a quick sandwich and occasional smoke.

So when we said the Top Ten was a listener driven show, WE MEANT IT! I wrote down EVERY request called in, which I feel made the show special and unique.

As for the Love Line, my goal was to treat EVERY call, no matter how young and (to some) meaningless it was, with equal respect.

If a 12 year called me, heartbroken, to say his girlfriend dumped him after 6 1/2 days, I aired it, letting him send out “You Give Love A Bad Name” to that heartless bitch.

During that time, I had a chance to go with listeners to see concerts


Meet celebrities.


I did the TV rounds during telethon times.


And on occasion, get freaky for Halloween.


I was also the first person to wear the FLY 92 Eagle Mascot suit


All good things had to change eventually, and in time the on air gig became a part time thing, and I transitioned to become the station Promotions Director, but my…..maturity level…did not change as I became a part of management…


In 1991, FLY 92 and I parted ways, and I was working full time out of the field, keeping my hand in the business as an instructor at the local broadcasting school.

Here comes 1997, and circumstances led me BACK to FLY 92 as a weekend/part time fill in host, and it was Deja Vu all over again.

Now it’s time to thank Mike Morgan and Rob Dawes for welcoming me back again with open arms. I had a blast.

That lasted about a year and a half, till I moved to the Country station down the hall, and eventually leaving the area for new radio opportunities.

The last time I was officially Shadow was in December 1999. I was on vacation and stopped in to say hi. Mike and Rob asked me a favor; they planning an “End Of The Millennium Top Ten At Ten,” would I consider being a “Guest Host” for that night.

As I used to say, ” Howdy hi, howdy ho, Shadow’s back on the radio.”

The night guy at the time, Joey Kidd, has since gone on to do simply AMAZING things in the business. That night he asked to sit in with me.

I wasn’t feeling my best that night, but I decided to still go balls to the wall.

It was PHENOMENAL during that countdown, I brought back all the old schtick and goofiness.

Joey asked me to stay on air a bit longer with him, I was honored.

In a way it was like passing the torch.

So why do I make such a thing about a character I haven’t played in going on 17 years?

I’m amazed to say people won’t let him go.

When I was a kid, guys like Boomer and his comrades were my idols, they WERE the mountain top.

I’m just some dumb fat guy who got lucky being paid to be an asshole on the air.

But I guess I made SOME sort of impact.

I have people TO THIS DAY who can quote shit I did on the air 30 years ago.

I forgot what I had for breakfast this morning.

And even though my name, on air and in real life is Mike, there are STILL people who call me Shadow to this day, they say they can’t call me any other name.

I am touched beyond words.

It’s just a shame personality driven radio has gone down the toilet.

My kind of radio “doesn’t work anymore.”

They say it’s “old fashioned”.

They say it’s “out dated”.

They say “no one wants to hear that anymore”.


But given the chance, the Crier is ready to prove them all wrong…

I’m in Media but not “THE MEDIA”!


If response to this post is anything like my last one (see “Get Over It!”), this will be SURE to piss SOMEONE off.

Let’s talk about “The Media.”

You know, “The Drive Bys.”

“The Jaded Press,”

“The Clinton News Network,” etc., etc. etc.

In particular, you know how THAT media has been blamed for numerous things that happened, or rather DIDN’T happen, in this past presidential election.

One Sided.


The Libs.

Ad nauseam.

OK, there’s a very good case to be made where “The Media” is perhaps slanted.

I propose, however, while there is a slant towards “liberal” news organizations, there is JUST AS MUCH slanting in “CONSERVATIVE”  news organizations.

Right or wrong, it happens.

It’s really not going to change.

That’s not what irritates me.

What REALLY irritates me is that as a news anchor and news reporter, I (and not just my co workers but other non network radio, television and newspaper news people) automatically get tossed in with CNN, MSNBC, FOX and all of the other “big guys”, accusing us of being just as (if not more) biased in our reporting.

And I am simply saying…NOT FAIR!

Here’s what I do, for those who don’t know.

I am employed as a news anchor/reporter for a heritage radio station in upstate New York.

While the company that employs me is known as, among other things, “The Beck Company,” The Rush Company “and/or “The Hannity Company,” when we report THE NEWS, not ONE single person I work with (and, in my heart, I believe others of a similar position fit in here) puts a political slant on ANY story.

We REPORT the news, we NEVER purposely write stories based on ANY political leaning, whether the Corporate Mothership follows those leanings or not.

Let me give you an example.

On average, each of us has approximately five minutes in any given hour for a complete news cast.

That includes a weather forecast, traffic reports, commercials, plus formatting of each cast.

We have a VERY limited time to do news.

The stories we do are a mixture of local stories, national and international.

If it has to do with politics, for example, we have done PRO Donald Trump stories, and we have done CON Donald Trump stories.

We have done PRO Hillary Clinton stories, and we have done CON Hillary Clinton stories.

From a state standpoint, we have done PRO Andrew Cuomo stories and we have done CON Andrew Cuomo stories.

You get the idea.

We get ideas for stories (or actual completed stories, that are edited ONLY to allow time for MORE stories, and NOT edited to change the content of the story) from a number of sources.

In one case, a national news organization that, yes, some might be consider liberal leaning.

Which is countered by a national news organization that, yes, might be considered conservative leaning.

We get ideas from press releases sent by news makers and “politically based” organizations, which by it’s very nature can be leaning left, right or center.

It’s our job to cut through the bullshit and just tell people what is going on.

We don’t keep count of how many liberal stories we air, we don’t keep count of how many conservative stories we air.

The order of stories in any particular news cast depends on (A) the importance of the story in relation to others and (B) the interest level to (in our case) to our listeners.

The lead may be a local story, a national story, an international story, based on the parameters just stated.

Some days it’s all local.

Some days it’s all national.

EVERY day, it’s just the news.

We who are NOT the national media have NO agenda, NO interest, NO benefit in slanting ANY story to fit (A) how we feel politically, (B) how the company feels politically or (C) how…in our case…the listener feels politically.

I am going to go on a not so long limb and say local television does the same thing.

Local newspapers do the same.

All of us simply REPORT the news, we DON’T make it up, ESPECIALLY to fit any of our political leanings.

So yes, I REALLY DO get it.

The national television networks, the national news networks, the “great metropolitan newspapers” all probably/possibly have an agenda, more than likely, if you want to believe that.

Is anyone forcing you to watch, or listen to  or read what they provide you?

Hell no.

So don’t.

JUST REMEMBER…your LOCAL radio news department, television news department and newspaper news department has ONE simple job.

Tell you the news.

Straight, no chaser.



Get Over It!


If you know history, you know about Rodney King.

You know about his most famous quote.

Going forward, we must ALL remember that phrase, and do as Rodney King said.

We must ALL get along.

I watched. listened and read in AMAZEMENT the reaction many in America had upon finding out that Donald J. Trump is the President Elect.

From riots, to protests, to a Trump pinata (which is kind of funny, what with all that “Wall” talk), many appear to have had a temper tantrum, not, in my opinion, because their candidate did not win, but rather that Trump DID!

People, people, people…frankly, like it or not, he won, SHUT UP AND TAKE YOUR MEDICINE!

Now, before you start rioting over ME, read the following, do it a couple times so you totally understand it.

I did not vote for Trump, but he won, perhaps I will choose different in 2020.

Read it again.

As I have mentioned before, it was not until the end of the Presidential campaign that I made my choice to not vote for him, instead, voting for Hillary Clinton.

THAT choice was LARGELY under protest, as well.

Some background; when Trump announced, I was open minded, I have no problem with getting someone completely different in the Oval Office, maybe he had something everyone else was missing, let’s see what he had to say.

I admit I was…interested..OK Mister Trump, how about details on what you want to do?

I never got them, or never got them to my satisfaction.

Then the cartoon character started coming out more and more.

Still, MAYBE I will get those details.


Look, we ALL know what he said, we ALL know what he did. I am not rehashing it all now, since that would be quite silly after the Election. I only knew I did NOT want him to be the next President.

Who do we have?


In truth, I can’t put my finger on it, but SOMETHING about her just made me uncomfortable.

SOMETHING about her made me feel we might be in trouble if she were to become President.

Call it an instinct, call it a gut reaction, I can’t justify it, but it was a…feeling..deep inside me that she’s not the person for the job.

Allow me at this time to talk about an issue regarding Hillary Clinton that turned me off cold.

And I know it may irritate many reading my words.

I did not want to elect Hillary Clinton JUST BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN.

I do not want to elect ANY woman for President JUST BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN.

I want to elect someone for President who is RIGHT for the job, PERIOD, END OF SENTENCE.

If I am being honest, I had that same feeling with Barrack Obama in 2008.

I vote qualifications, NOT gender, and NOT race, and NOT religion.

If I voted in 1960, perhaps I would have picked John F. Kennedy, but NOT because he was a Catholic, as I am.

So, back to 2016, no to Trump, and no to Hillary.

What about Gary Johnson?

Again, willing to listen with an open mind, but after that “Allepo” thing, I knew he wasn’t the guy.

Flashback to 2008, I voted for McCain and not Obama, because at the time I thought McCain had the chops to deal with Foreign Affairs more than Obama.

In 2012 I voted for Obama, because I felt (and still do) that Mitt Romney was/is a rich elitist snob.

Three down, one to go.

Jill Stein…

Four down, none to go.

In the end, I DID vote for Hillary Clinton, ONLY because I did NOT want Donald Trump to be my next President.

I suspect there were MANY others who felt as I did.

I also felt (and discussed this in a previous blog) that in 2016, there would be more write in votes than before.

Those loyal to Bernie Sanders or maybe Rand Paul might make a last ditch effort.

But as we learned in the middle of the night this past Tuesday, Donald Trump won the approval of America.

Now, at this point, some are saying “Hey asshole, he won the Electoral College, not (as of this writing) the Popular Vote.

Valid. I for one don’t like the Electoral College, and perhaps one day it will go away. Until then, that’s how the President is selected.

As we look ahead to a Trump Presidency, we must think about a few things.

WHICH Trump will be our President? The Reality Show, obnoxious dickweed we saw during the campaign? Or the right person for the job?

If we can go by his acceptance speech Tuesday night, MAYBE there’s another guy in there.

Campaign promises? Listen, MANY people running for office make promises, doesn’t mean they are going to keep them.

Doesn’t mean they CAN keep them (i.e. “term limits”).


Most Presidents have the famous “FIRST ONE HUNDRED DAYS IN OFFICE” to get it done, after that, achieving their goals are much more difficult.

Mad he won? Hate the guy? Scared shitless?

Me too.

But, for now, the system worked and he is the guy.

Perhaps we may not need to have him in office the entire 4/8 years.

(See Nixon/Watergate)

You have the right to protest, and if it makes you feel better, goodie for you.

Not changing anything, you know.

Gonna move to Canada?

Send me back some bacon.

PLEASE, let the man try to do what he was chosen to do.

If Hillary Clinton won, would there be massive protests over that?

America, take a pill.

Finally, the night of the Election, I heard a co worker (young, very dumb kid barely 30 years old) make a crack about Trump getting “a JFK job.”

You little fucking idiot, REALLY?

I may have been a kid in 1963, but I still remember, and we DON’T need THAT shit!

Time to move on America.

To quote my late father in law, in dealing with the obsession his wife had for years with planning/celebrating Christmas as early as December 26th…”It’ll all be over soon.”

Get back to me in four years.